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Yes, it has all the music. On the record, one of the four sides is a copy of one of the other sides, (where the music is more dynamic and the idea, I believe, is that you would wear out one side playing it more), so there are only three sides of music. You get the longest tapes in 003.   Larry

Oh My indeed! This tape is absolutely incredible. This is what analog tape is all about. Out of the park home run. Goose bump city. Wonderful. Wow!  More like this!!


I agree.  This tape is what it's ALL about.  Compared to the redbook all digital version on Reference Recordings cd there is NO contest between this tape and the cd.  The tape is so much more open, dynamic and spacious!  The ambience of the hall that is captured on the tape is completely "lopped off" on the cd version.  The cd just sounds compressed, and there is an odd hardness and glare to the sound that is just not on the tape which is SILKY SMOOTH tonally by comparison.

If ever somebody wanted to argue what was better, analog or digital, THIS TAPE would be the 1st thing I would pull out in defense of analog (the cd version was recorded 100% in the digital domain which is what makes this such a reference tool type release!)!!



So far I have got three tapes and none of the music I like ... So much for my taste.
None the less this is a impressive tape, while I don't think the music hit 0DB on the meter, you can feel the surround sound of the orchestra pit swell to fill the room.
Forget 5.1 sound and Star Wars effects, this is what stereo was meant to be!
Long live Prof. Johnson's recordings.


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