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--- Quote from: mstcraig on September 28, 2008, 09:24:19 PM ---Hey Hibernian, could you explain your reference to a "Sonorus modified ReVox PR-99 mk III" please? Is/was this done by the same people who did STUDI/O? Is this a shop, or just some guru? I'm always on the hunt for modifications to the ReVox machines. Thanks for your help.

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Here is an over-view of what Arian Jensen (Sonorus) did to my PR 99 mk III

1.    Service the basic machine; lub the pots, replace light bulbs - bring back to original spec.
2.    Modify the playback board; change NAB to IEC EQ, the audio / record(optional) PCBs are completely revised - 150+ new parts are added.
3.    Modify the Power Supply so that the Audio electronics are buffered from any noise on the AC
4.    Remove the muting circuit, while the tape is fast forwarding / rewinding
5.    Rewire the monitor circuit so that the playback is now direct from the heads, leave all the existing inoputs /outputs alone, add a new pair of RCA outpts. OFC Copper in Teflon dielectric cabling used.

Arian can be reached at [email protected]

If any TP members are in Denver next week, look me up at the Marriott; we'll be in Long's Peak with both the EAR RS 1520 and the Sonorus PR 99 mk III.


thank you for the update on 'Waltz'........might 'the one who comes from Ireland' have 'Waltz' at RMAF for all our collective enjoyment?

best regards,


Thanks for the info Hibernian, appreciate it. Might I ask what the cost of this work was? Craig

I just picked up at bunch of SACD and DVD-A's from a friend who was going to dump them at our local used record shop. Among them was the SACD of Waltz for Debby issued by Chad Kassem - Analogue Productions. I think it sounds pretty good, but not at the same level as Chad's vinyl reissue. The most interesting part is that it has alternate takes of three of the album cuts (Waltz for Debby, Detour Ahead, My Romance). In addition there is a new cut, "I Loves You, Porgy". All together there is about 28 more minutes of music on the SACD. Can Doc or Mike or Paul tell us whether any of these cuts are on TP008? Thanks,  Larry

I don't know others' view but I personally don't like when "extra cuts" are added to records. Much less the "alternate cuts". But that's just me!


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