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'Waltz' revisited, 6 months later.

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Tape Project management does not condone the copying and distribution of any recordings except by those who have acquired a license from the legal owner of the recording. We will ask folks to refrain from discussing the copying of an LP to tape for use by anyone else but the original owner of said LP. We would also ask for the same consideration regarding the discussion of the copying of unauthorized master duplicates. Please discuss this subject on some other forum besides the TP forum.

We at the Tape Project wish to make it clear to the public that we do not in any way condone the making of illegal copies of any recordings and that all of our albums are made from legitimate licensed masters.

Doc-I know your message was intended for at least two people and I am one of them and for that I apologize.  I thought I covered the legal bases but apparently not and it won't happen again. 


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--- Quote from: ironbut on April 20, 2009, 09:59:01 PM --- I'd love to hear that ELP album again. I haven't heard that one in years. It was a real fuse buster in it's day (I believe that it came out right at the height of the Phase Linear 400 era).

I think it's great when members step off the main path and experiment. We are after all, way out here as far as most folks are concerned so why the heck not.

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Ah yes, Lucky Man from Emerson Lake and Palmer. That one was a torture test when new. Could your speakers reproduce the  fundamental of that synth note  with the drums at the end? Could your cartridge track it cleanly, being the last cut? Or would your speakers flap and your amp clip. Most of my friends and I were dealing with medium efficiency acoustic suspension speakers driven by 10W per channel solid state stereo receivers and some Garrard or BSR changer with a cheap cartridge. They mostly could not deal with it. :)
And the "Flame Linear" 400 ! I remember making jokes about exactly that right after high school. Phase 400s blowing up trying to reproduce Lucky Man at high levels through AR speakers. Memories...

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I am continuing this side discussion  as a new topic under general discussion...


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