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Author Topic: otari mx5050-qxh(d)  (Read 2970 times)

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otari mx5050-qxh(d)
« on: September 06, 2014, 07:57:13 PM »
This post is directed at an unknown member who had a post in GOOGLE. He stated he had both the service manual and operating manual for the OTARI MX5050-QXH. This unit can be found on EBAY. Messages CANNOT be sent to the seller for some reason. That is why I am here. I would like to contact the poster of this unit. For others who might help I will describe the unit. It is a 2 piece deck/amp in two wood cabinets. It is a 4 track 4 channel unit with 4 heads, 2 staggered erase heads, record, play. NAB reels probably high speed. I cannot find any info on the web. Any info especially copies of the manuals is welcome. The unit is said to be complete and operational at a very low price. I am considering it. Manuals not included of course. Any help welcome. Thanks [email protected].