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Author Topic: TP Demo Tape, gee why not?  (Read 4658 times)

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TP Demo Tape, gee why not?
« on: May 30, 2010, 02:04:45 PM »
One of the reasons that I do not go to many/any audiophile listening sessions is that you rarely if ever get to listen to anything all the way through.
This is regardless if you are at a show, or a private residence.  It is a stream of snippets.  You lose the continuity of the piece.  I am not too keen on greatest hits of anybody collections either.  I like the context of the album even if there are a few clunkers in the playlist.
But then again if you are under time constraints, or have friends with short attention spans, then snippets would be the sensible way to go.

A few months ago I suggested a demo tape as a possible sales tool for prospective TP subscribers from current TP selections.  The response was that the licensing agreement would not permit such a practice.  I understand the obstacles.

That seems to be a shame, as demo diving seems to be the M.O. of many called, and so called audiophiles.  It was bad enough with LPs, CDs made it easier, digital downloads make it almost too easy; tapes, oh Brother!  That is unless you want to roll your own, tape that is.  You folks out there with more than two machines, sic em tiger.

Perhaps there is already an audiophile demo tape available from some premier label done in the analog realm which could meet the sonic criteria and not run afoul of the licensing issues of a home grown TP greatest sonic wonders tape.  By definition you are limited by catalog, or genre or both unless you are talking Vanguard, Reference Recordings, Westminster (early), Fantasy, and the like.
Reference Recordings Sampler "Tutti" comes to mind.

This started out as a satire, but I kind of like the idea now that I think about it.

Please move this to TP title suggestions if this better suits that thread.

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