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Author Topic: Red Rodney (Albino Red)  (Read 3243 times)

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Red Rodney (Albino Red)
« on: February 19, 2014, 03:22:01 PM »
Today as I was heading to noon bible study at my church, I heard a recording of the late great Red Rodney. The recording was, "What can we do". I was almost moved to tears for two reasons. One, this was a beautiful recording, and two, I felt so bad that I had forgotten this extraordinary musician and trumpet player. I had not heard from him in some years and wondered where he ended up. I found out he had expired from lung cancer in 1994, but had a large selection of recorded music. He was around and actually played with Charlie Parker. Almost anyone who hung around with Charlie Parker  (Bird) would have gotten into the use of heroin and that included Red Rodney. In my honest opinion, there were only two trumpet players that could match this gentleman's musicianship. They were Dizzy Gllespie and Woody Shaw. I also learned that due to segregation Red had to play under the name Albino Red which was something I found amusing yet degrading. I found it hard to believe that segregation and the racial situation during that time period had reared its ugly head even where jazz music was played. I applaud Bird and other jazz musicians who did not care that Mr. Rodney was Caucasian. Their only requirement was that Red could play. There is an amazing amount of stuff featuring Red on YouTube. Check him out. He was one of the baddest and technically gifted trumpet players that ever lifted that instrument to his lips. His ballad playing was emotional and sooooooo beautiful.  I've got to start buying everything I can get my hands on of his music.
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