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September 26 - TP at Chicago Audio Society


This double post is necessary to launch the new Tape Project event calendar. You should see a new "Calendar" button on the forum menu. This will take you to a calendar showing upcoming events - Doc B.

My brother was kind enough to give Eileen and me tickets to fly out and spend a few days at a condo he owns in Chicago. Jon Ver Halen of Lowther America asked if I would be interested in doing a presentation for the Chicago Audio Society while we are out there. Looks like we are a go, and I will post further info about this event as I learn it.

Have fun in Chicago - late Sept is normally excellent weather, the CSO starts its season that weekend, or you could check out Buddy Guy's new club (or you could do both - they're within walking distance of each other). 

The CAS is a good club - I was an officer at one time while I lived there.  I believe they still meet out in the suburbs, which may or may not be a good thing depending on where you're staying.

This event is a "go." I have shipped a modified Technics RS1500 and an Eros tape head preamp out to Jon along with my personal copies of Arnold Overtures, Waltz for Debby, Stage Fright and Rock With Me Baby. Jon will be demoing a system using the new Lowther field coil drivers and a choice of Experience Audio GM70 tube amp and First Watt SS amp. The event starts at 2 o'clock

A bump to remind Chicago audiophiles about the meeting tomorrow...headed to Jon's this afternoon to make sure everything arrived intact.


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