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Tim Leggett:
Hi All,

Just checking to see if anyone was going to the show this year from The Tape Project or the forum. I will be there roaming around all day Friday the 11th and half of Saturday the 12th.


Tim Leggett

I am taking a hiatus from RMAF this year, though we are kicking around the idea of a show of force in 2014 with a new speaker design we're looking into. Paul may know more than I do about who will be demoing TP albums at RMAF. I do know that we are shipping an Eros tape head preamp to Warren Jarrett of Music First Audio for his RMAF system. I believe he will be using it with a later model Otari MX-5050.

I'm going to be spinning a few tapes in Dave Cope's Audio Note room on Friday and Saturday evenings just before (and after) the show closes - from 5:30 to 6:30, I believe.  Love to have you'all stop by and chat (or just listen).


High and Outside:
I'll be there Saturday.

Besides the people already mentioned, I know that Philip O'Hanlon (Vivid, Luxman) and Greg Beron (UHA, MLB, Von Schweikert) will be rolling tape. There may be others. I wouldn't be surprised if de Havilland shows with tape, since she is selling a tape repro preamp.

Tim Leggett:
I'll look for you guys there at the times/places you've mentioned!


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