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Listening party at the studio, SF

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High and Outside:
Calling all tapeheads. We will be gathering Sunday July 20, 2014, 5 PM in the friendly confines of Michael Romanowski Mastering in central San Francisco, for the express purpose of having a good time and spinning some reels. We have specifically invited the subscribers of the Yahoo reel-to-reel list as well, and promised to be ready to play 7 inch reels as well as Tape Project tapes. Anyone is welcome to bring along any tape you'd like to play.

In this instance we need to know in advance who's coming, so please RSVP to queen at bottlehead dot com. Eileen will confirm by email and include the rest of the details.

Romo, Dan and I will all be there (as well as Queen Eileen, and possibly surprise guests.) More such events are being planned in other cities as well. 

Sounds fantastic Paul!
I've marked the date and will contact Eileen to RSVP.
I'm looking forward to see everybody again!

Sounds like a great event :-)

Remember me...? :-)
If I would still be welcome, I will try to email Bottlehead and set it up to be there.

High and Outside:
Of course you'd be welcome, Steve.


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