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T.H.E. Show Newport 2015


High and Outside:
Anyone planning to be at the Newport Show? We are. We will have a booth in the vendor area, E-18. That's in the Grand Ballroom. It's a new venue this year, so we will all have to figure out the lay of the land together. But we shouldn't be too hard to find--look for the large Tape Project banner.

Dan and Eileen will be at the table most of the time. We'll have the BottleNagra, a couple of headphone listening stations, and a bunch of tapes to spin. Please stop by and harass them. It's rumored that there might be Show Specials, you'll have to come by the booth to find out.

I'll be at the table some of the time, and rolling tapes occasionally with Philip O'Hanlon in the On A Higher Note room: The Pelican Hill ballroom on the main floor. And taking a minute out to appear on a panel Saturday at 2:00.

Our Senior Duping Artiste, Nigel Brown, might be spotted at any of these locations as well.

We always like to meet and chat with our subscribers.

If things go well today we should have our new flagship headphone amp, code name Neothoriator, on its way to the venue. This baby can really dig into the music and show just how much goodness is contained in TP albums.


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