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Prerecorded Tapes / Huge Lot of Jazz Reel to Reel Tapes
« on: March 04, 2015, 09:02:29 PM »
Hello Tape friends!

I am new to this whole reel to reel thing.

I recently inherited a giant collection of mostly jazz reel to reels, about 1,000 tapes. They are all homemade tapes and include music mostly from the swing ear. Complete discographies of artists that played during that time. There are tons of mail order tapes and news broadcasts as well. They were preserved very well and all have labels and typed track lists. I have organized them and I am now, slowly, entering the information into an excel spreadsheet. I am wondering if anyone knows where/how to figure out the value of some of these tapes or if anyone has any leads on who is interested in large collections like this. I cannot seem to find anything even remotely similar to this online. I am a jazz LOVER and know some of this stuff is very special. There is a ton of letters from individuals he was trading with across the US and beyond. There are no master tapes. I am just looking for some information and adice and I thought this would be a good place to look.

Here is a Imgur album with some photos:,OF34yKk,peJ7u9E,sqfVWoL,3WgfSZ7,kpSrUPX,XvOGIUY,MMtWUtA,u55GBV0,vhyM5Eb,fQKslWP,87T7xBy,4qCj0DM,a3UO2eV,N45JsmY,0oNTSXl,9NFkH7j,I6MUm9k,a0xl5hu,Pq6765E,zBrUsOj,rOeuKor,fTysj8m,gdTXjSh,NPi1eSs,2rb5u1i,WFmeYUi,oYNviIA,mktISvm,HtazO52,LOfl0J7,fJFo6PG,JD9OElY,Z37h7EV,flGTy0e,0McGHOR,jTfwJdX,iNPnHSb,UtzpYl3,fpMPzsn,snSNgg2,vL5kAWw,3Lpbk00,3GcKeiV,rles5vY,IOAyPLM#0

Thank you for looking and feel free to email me if you want!

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