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Pink Floyd on Pre-recorded RTR?


Hi all...was any Pink Floyd ever available on Pre-recorded RTR?  I never see any on ebay and sometimes it seems a bit conspicuous in its' absence so to speak...Hop

I've seen Meddle, the double lp w/ "Be Careful With That Ax Eugene ( Ummagumma ?) and Atom Heart Mother. Actually, I just saw a copy of Meddle less than a month ago. I'm sure you could go to one of their fan sites and get a listing of what came out on r2r.  Some groups like that were released on 3 3/4 and 7 1/2 ips so if you just see a slow one, don't give up.

Thanks!!!  It means that they're just eluding me. 

Also, is it all the tapes from MagTec that are 7 1/2 ips?  That seems to be the story on Black Sabbath...I think?

I have only seen one myself, Atom Heart Mother. It's was produced in Japan. EMI Toshiba Odeon Catalog #OXA-5067



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