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--- Quote ---I'd think that Fantasy would have that kind of stuff on disk.
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Yeah, we had the notion that cover art was saved when we started out, too. But none of the old artwork still exists - or at least no one knows where it is. And so everyone is stuck using scans of old covers. I ended up buying a Umax 2100XL scanner that will scan a 12" wide piece at pretty high res and bit depth. Even with that scanner the process is a bit of a challenge, as a scanner tends to add false contrast that you have to tune back out. Takes me several hours to get a scan of a cover looking just like the original, but without the wear marks.

That Waltz for Debby - "Very smooth and glossy appearance. Wear and tear around center hole. Very few scratches or scuff marks on eith side. Very light crackle and pop surface noise can be heard in background during play, not overpowering to music" - sold for $464.99

And now with the auction below completed I see no further reason for the need to justify $200 for a brand new, licensed master dupe...

Saxophone Colossus - "light scratches with surface wear" - sold for $262.57.


Hey Doc,

I couldn't see a relevant to tack on this question, so I jumped on here since it's current.

Question is - are you still taking orders for the first year series, and if so, any idea if/how long that will continue?


Oh yeah, we are still taking subscription orders for 2007. We have subscriptions available at the moment, with new inquiries and subscriptions coming in weekly as folks find that we have completed the catalog selection. The duration of availability is unknown aside from the fact that we have a license for a very limited number of copies of any given album. I will certainly announce when we feel that stock is running low for a given album. The other factor, which is obviously less critical at this point, is that the licenses tend to be for a couple or three years max.

I just spotted another Waltz for Debby. This one went for $548.


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