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Today I am Dr. Bottleneck

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TP-003 is just about ready to start shipping. The guys are just waiting for the cover art from me. I have completed and the guys have signed off on the design. I'm just waiting for a new shipment of the double sided clay coat paper we use, and I'll get them printed and down to the packing bench in the next few days.

Meantime they are going to start getting caught up on albums and alignment tapes for folks who may have subscribed recently and missed the first run of the first couple of albums.

My wife calls me Dr. President. Do I win?

Fresh batch of alignment tapes are done. We will be shipping them out at the begining of the week to folks who haven't recieved theirs yet. We also made spares to have some on hand and ready to ship much faster than these took to get ready.
Also, as the artwork  shows up, and Dan did a great job with it-looks very cool, TP-003 will ship right away with TP-004 now dupped. Grinding away on the reels for #4 so that should follow closely on the heels of #3.
So if Dan is the Dr., and Paul is the Chief...I'm going to have to come up with a prefix...

With respects to Lester Young and in light of your illustrious partners monikers I don't see how you could be anything but the "Pres"

I'd vote for ya!




The "Roman Emperor"?



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