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Well, I finally got my homebrew preamp to a point where it's about listenable and hooked it up to my new Flux Magnetics head in my spare RS-1500 headblock.  TP-003 (Arnold Overtures) has been on hand for a while, but I didn't want to listen until I had the IEC eq working, and that meant getting the preamp up and running.  Wow.... I finally understand what everybody's talking about.  Everything about the recording is just so right.  There's just this orchestra out there in space, well not exactly in space, it's an orchestra in a complete acoustic environment and after a few moments I found myself listening with this big grin on my face, even giggling at parts of the goofy Christmas Overture.  Beautiful, full clearly articulated lows, sweet highs and everything else in between just in the right place.  I've never heard anything else like it in my house.  To docb, romo and Paul you've hit it out the park!  Thanks.

Thanks for the kind words, Richard!

Oh my! Indeed! I have been comparing the "Arnold Overtures" tape head to head against the LP, played back on my Walker turntable system all weekend, and, as good as the LP is, there is just something more resolving in the tape. The bass drum impact and placement of the instruments on the stage is astounding.

Doc, Paul and Romo have hit the ball way out of the park with this release.

My Seduction is hitting the break-in point now and each successive playback session reveals more and more of the magic in HQ reel to reel playback. Tape 4 is due to be delivered tomorrow and I wish I could just be locked in my listening room for the next couple of days. Reality, however, dictates that I go to work so I can re-up my subscription for the next 10 releases...

I just received my copy of the Arnold Overtures, congratualtions to everyone involved! Beautiful presentation, a first rate job in all aspects of the case, liner notes and reels themselves. I can't wait to bring them home and start the fun! Talk about having something to be proud of, you guys have raised the bar for everyone else who offers musical enjoyment for people to have in their homes!
Thank you for all of your efforts!
Cheers, Ken

Does the tape have all of the music that is on the 2 record LP release?


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