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Arnold Overtures


Listening to this right now, and yes, this is one of the finest depictions of orchestral music I have heard. Now that I have solved my Tape Scrape problem on my RS1520, I am working through my backlog of Tape Project tapes.  This is obviously a high quality production - lots of headroom (turn it up, it sounds better), transparency of orchestral sound is very high - the "chill" factor is enormous. Not great music, but fun.

No notes, though - are these available anywhere?

Hi Tom, if you're talking about the liner notes they, should be on the back of the artwork. I'm glad you're getting in some listening now. Some of the tapes (like #1&3) which I wasn't that familiar with, really grew on me with time.
I'm looking forward to meeting you this weekend.

Steve, I am looking forward to meeting you as well! All I have is a single page which shows on one side the title page with the caricature of Arnold, and several pictures and recording info on the back. There is no information on the music itself.


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