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It really bothered me that there are no notes on the music in this release, so I have created some using publically available sources (trust me I am no expert on the music of Malcolm Arnold!). I have learned a lot about these pieces by doing so, and I would be happy to email them to anyone who wants them. There is a bio of Arnold, something written by him on music and his approach to it, and short descriptions of each piece.

I was disappointed that there wasn't a lot of info on Arnold's official site, but it didn't take too long to find some other sources.

Hey Tom, sounds like we've got a researcher in our group! I'd love to get some more info on Arnold. I knew a little about him from my days studying music. He wrote a guitar concerto that can be found on record played by Julian Bream. I haven't heard it in ages so I couldn't honestly say if I liked it or not. At that time I was hanging out with a group of musicians that were big advocates of 20th century composers. We used to make a habit of saying that we loved some pieces that we didn't really understand enough to say one way or the other.
Misspent youth!


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