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As i deal with the Otari arriving DOA from shipping, I lucked out and got a Tascam 32-2 of Craigslist for $95. This unit is pretty much like new, as it's from a church and was only used to record not play, every knob turned like it's new, so that has made me feel better about the Otari.

Alas the 32 didn't come with hubs, after a long search I have tracked down a pair, one each at separate stores around the country. They say they are on back order.

I found this on craigslist in my search, a guy in LA selling 250 of them for $2000, Being that they seem to be rare, and the new ones you can buy now from sites are butt ugly, thought i'd pass this along.

So in brief, I took a chance on ebay and bid on an Otari, the pics were a tad blurry, but it all looked good. all it said was In good working order. But I got it for $275, so figured it was worth it. Though guy charged $150 to ship it, Damn! So it arrived, double boxed, foam wrapped and bubble wrapped. Got it out left reel wont turn even by hand.

look like the idiots shipped it spindles down, so that even though it was well wrapped, it traveled across country face down. WTF

SO. if I take the Spindle cover (sorry if not right name) plate off, the motor runs, I see alan key bolts holding the spindle over hub, it looks like that has been pushed down the spindle causing the spindle cover to jam against the faceplate.

I'm guessing the spindle hasn't been pushed into the motor, as it seems to be running in play along with the right one.
Can I pull the hub back along the spindle by undoing the alan key bolts and re-adjusting, and is this a precision task?
And how much play should be in the spindles, when you pull and push on them a little?

So I haven't even figured it out yet if it plays or records?

I have an electronics, mechanical background but no experience with reel2reel.

Hope I have outlined the problem, if not can upload some pics to make it easier.


Reel to Reel Tape Machines / OTARI 5050 Manuals and Part Numbers Here
« on: April 23, 2010, 05:01:20 PM »
Hi all,
I am new to the TP forum and R2R. Some great info on here BYW. So, I bought an Otari 5050 BIII-2 of ebay yesterday. Bit of a crap shoot I know, but the pics of it looked good and it cost me $275 so hopefully it was a good gamble, let you know when it arrives. Since then I have being doing my research, not sure what I've got myself into here, but I digress.

It was a little hard at first finding information like manuals etc, so I have searched around and compiled all the docs I found into one folder for every one. Hope this makes it easier. If I find more I will update the folder.

I have already learned a lot from reading the forum thanks.


Updated Folder June 2012

What is included in zip file. (all files are pdf's)
Otari MX5050BII Instruction Manual
Otari MX5050BIII Instruction Manual (This manual describes the MX-5050 MKIV-2, 2E, BIII-F, BIII-2 and BIII-2E models.)
Otari MX5050BIII - 8 instruction Manual
Otari MX5050BIII Parts list (complete schematic breakdown of BIII and all part numbers)
Otari MX5050BII & BIII Alignment Procedures Manual

The new MX-5050 Series is divided into the following models:
MX-5050 BIII-F Full Track, 1/4" Track Width
MX-5050 BIII-2 2 Channel, NAB 1/4" Track Width
MX-5050 BIII-2E 2 Channel, DIN 1/4" Track Width
MX-5050 BQIII 4 Channel, 1/4" Track Width
MX-5050 MKIV2 2 Channel, NAB 1/4" Track Width
MX-5050 MKIV2E 2 Channel, DIN 1/4" Track Width
MX-5050 MKIV4 4 Channel, 1/2" Track Width
MX-5050 MKIV8 8 Channel, 1/2" Track Width

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