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Getting ready to ship


OK folks, the printer is whirring and the bubble wrap is, uh, bubbling. The first batch of TP-018 should begin shipping out tomorrow. You will find that we have added several tracks that were not on the original LP (which was in fact a combination of two earlier 10" releases).  From the June 9, 1953 session on reel A we have added Bellarosa and an alternate take (#4) of Carving The Rock. From the August 28, 1953 session on reel B we have added Brownie Eyes, an alternate take (#26) of Hymn of the Orient and an alternate take (#1) of Wail Bait.

Bon appetit, or should I say, Brownie appetit.

now you're talking!!

i've been looking forward to this tape....it could arrive Friday night. i appreciate the bonus tracks.

thanks for getting this one out before the New Year.

best regards,


Very cool!
I'm looking forward to hearing those bonus tracks.

Beauty! Yesterday I was listening to "Best Coast Jazz" on EmArcy label and thinking of hearing Brownie on tape soon. Thanks! The extra tracks are a bonus.

We have been concentrating fully on this album for the past few days, getting the last 50 or so that we have in stock packaged. We are wrapping up the packing of subscriber orders for this album tonight, with the last few of those shipping out tomorrow.


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