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Tape Tech / Re: MX5050 B II 2 R/P issue(s)
« on: November 16, 2011, 01:20:11 PM »
yeah, I've pretty much shot all sw. & pots except trim pots w/deoxit... wouldn't hurt to do it once more.


Tape Tech / Re: MX5050 B II 2 R/P issue(s)
« on: November 15, 2011, 09:16:03 PM »
Thanks, Steve. All great suggestions.
Let me start with my creds: been working in electronics for ~ 40 yrs. w/ audio specifically about maybe half that; last position was at a well-known NPR affiliate in the NW where I did the care & feeding of most studio equipment (while lusting for the analog gear sleeping in the corner [i.e. 3!! A807's]:-(((. I've acquired gear as $ allowed on a public radio salary, but still manage to have 3 DAT's four RtR's and about 4 CD burners/players (down to 9 spkrs from ~26.)

The deck was thoroughly 'used' in a commercial AM/FM sta. in Maine for many yrs and is slowly responding to the tlc coming its way. It needs feet, control buttons and most urgently: hub adapters.
When I >>>record a test tone from your cd on the Otari and try playing it back on another machine.<<< the level was down ~7vu compared to Ch.2. The heads do have some wear - I suspect they have been replaced at least once... VERY well cleaned several times.

Oh yeah: & the pitch control pretty much stalls out any forward motion of the tape.
I'll re-do the tone tests in both directions and make critical notes. IT WOULD BE 'NICE' IF IT TURNED OUT TO BE A SWITCH... BUT I've really sprayed the crap out of them (usual suspects). Perhaps I can get my camera's macro to actually work & I'll post some head shots! They can be quite a challenge to get in focus & w/o glare.

THANK YOU again for your thoughtful suggestions and time.


Tape Tech / MX5050 B II 2 R/P issue(s)
« on: November 14, 2011, 06:47:58 PM »
Greetings and THANKS for being here!
I've finally found a machine and - for the price, it's ok. The big issue I'm having right now is REC/REPRO level in Ch. 1 (Lt. if you will). Using the internal osc. it plays back ~ -10VU compared to Ch. 2 - with the out pots "equal". On a tape made w/my X2000 of tone (from TDK calibration CD) at "0", it plays at ~ -7VU compared w/Ch2 - pots equal and 4trk. selected. I've soaked, sprayed and pulled most conn. & pots & switches per usual. NO changes. I discovered the 6 (blue) caps on the rear bd. to be leaking (see pic if it posted). Could ?? be cause?? They'll be changed asap.
Not sure if I'm chasing an ele. issue or head issue(s).

I haven't found a method to cal. the PB from  the pdf. I downloaded and it says to do THAT before cal. the REC. Presumably, I'll need a 'standard' tape to set this. Correct? But the procedure would be helpful also.

Thanks in advance. -Keep 'em rolling!


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