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Any more Creek Banks Going Out


Any more Mose in the  pipeline?  Still waiting on mine.


Hey, what a deal, my Creek Bank arrived today!  I posted this original thread before reading about the move of part of the operation to one location and the recent shipement of a bunch of tapes.  Then when I walked in the office a nice plesant sight was waiting for me from Washington State.  I didn't get a UPS alert by email like I normally do so it was even more of a surprise.  Maybe I just missed seeing it, or spam blocker ate it. 

Can't wait to give it a spin tonight, I hope.


Hey Travis, glad it made it. We seem to have had a bit of a glitch here and there in our recent upgrade of UPS software for TP shipments, to the same program we use for Bottlehead. It's making shipping a lot easier than the horrid online software they made us use at the studio, but it could be that the thing didn't generate the tracking info for some reason. I'll look into it.

Everyone's TP-009 is on the way, if it hasn't arrived already. We shipped about 50 albums last week and we have 4 in stock, ready to ship.


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