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Well something is amiss here.  The left and right channels on this tape are the exact opposite of the cd release (Prestige PRCD-24055-2).  The piano is in the right channel on the tape, as Larry describes above in another thread.  Problem is, on the cd release its in the LEFT channel!  I triple checked everything on my end to be sure before posting this.

I guess I'm the only one who has compared the tape to another format on this one?  Something was done wrong here---either on the tape or the cd.  They are "vice-versa"!  Anyone have the LP on hand to settle the matters as a tie breaker?  ;)

I have the original Prestige issue. It was apparently only issued in mono, so I guess stereo either way is wrong if one wishes to split hairs. Of course one can sum the channels in their own system and hear what the original pressing sounds like. The later Fantasy reissue I do not have on hand to compare.


--- Quote --- It was apparently only issued in mono, so I guess stereo either way is wrong if one wishes to split hairs.
--- End quote ---

I'm curious then---- if the stereo version is not the original (and splitting hairs "wrong") then why did you guys use it for the TP release?  Was the true original mono version not available to dupe?  I ordered the reissued Prestige Creek Bank on LP yesterday (P-24055) out of curiosity to see which way it orients the channels.

We used the original master tape. It is stereo. The first LP was released for sure in mono, I don't know for sure if it was released in stereo, but I haven't seen any stereo copies. Paul has spoken to folks who say that there was not a mono master, the mono LP version was a fold down of the stereo master. The later release in 1975 is apparently in stereo, but I don't have it in my collection to verify that. My comment about splitting hairs was meant to be somewhat lighthearted as this is discussion of decisions made in an artistic process, so in some sense there is no right or wrong. Even RVG himself is remastering stuff and changing it from the original. I do know that Paul's intent was to create a transfer that was as close as possible to the original master tape.

Houston, we have a problem.

Today I received my Mose Alison "Creek Bank" LP, Prestige P-24055.  It lines up with the channel orientation of my Mose Alison cd, Prestige PRCD-24055-2.  Both the LP and CD are the stereo versions, and both place the piano in the hard left channel.  The tape project release is the exact opposite, and places the piano in the hard right channel (as also outlined by astrotoy in the Creek Bank thread).  Following where the piano is in this release makes it very easy to discern the channel orientation, although of course all the other subtleties in the mix are reversed as well.

The cd was remastered in 1993 at Fantasy Studios by Rudy Van Gelder.  The LP was remastered in 1975 at Fantasy Studios by David Turner.  So either both of those guys got it wrong both times with their own "Fantasy" material (or both some 20 years apart decided to reverse the channels on their own), or the Tape Project dub was done with the channels reversed somewhere in the chain.

Can you please look into and address this issue?  I'm hoping the response won't be, "reverse the outputs from your tape deck when you play Creek Bank". ;)  That might be ok for a $3 cd but for a $500 tape I would expect a better solution and/or explaination.


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