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Very Nice Tape!


Tim Leggett:
This is the first tape sent to me by the Tape Project for my Series One Subscription. I played it back on a stock Ampex ATR-102, with Flux Magnetics Extended Response heads.

I had never heard this LP and was very pleasantly surprised. I find after a few listens that 'The Seventh Son' is kind of stuck in my head, in a good way.

So here are my impressions:

* Quality - The quality of the tape is exquisite. I really like the 30 or so seconds of blank tape lead ins and lead outs before the white leader. Very, very thoughtful. Keeps the tape with the signal isolated away from the edges of the reels and nicely packed! I have heard only one drop out which sounds to me like it was on the original tape, the SM468 it is recored on is flawless. No oxide was shed from the tape when played.
* Recording - The recording and its sound is superb. I have done live jazz recording and this sounds just like it. Every instrument and note is very real sounding. You can hear the intent of the players in everything they are doing. Amazing dynamics throughout!
* Reproduction - This an amazing sounding tape having come from an original produced in 1959. The tape duplication chain sounds second to none. I have heard quite a few jazz 45 RPMS played on my vinyl rig, but they have nothing on this. I particularly like the piano hammer sounds. That pace, rhythm and cohesion can only come from tape or hi-rez digital original sources.
I really like this tape and have been listening to it much more than I ever thought I would. This was a really good choice by the Tape Project principles. Bravo!



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