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Title: CES Show Report
Post by: MylesAstor on March 20, 2012, 08:06:13 PM
Part Deux including some exciting news for tapeheads!

Title: Re: CES Show Report
Post by: ironbut on March 24, 2012, 08:58:37 PM
Great report Myles! (as usual)

Thanks for keeping the reels in the picture and keeping us abreast of the latest tape news.
Title: Re: CES Show Report
Post by: MylesAstor on March 25, 2012, 08:17:10 AM
For those who are interested, here are the sampler tracks from the Opus 3 "One" sampler tape. (it's pretty outstanding with some tracks being very, very good.)

**?One? Open Reel Selection of Opus 3 Analogue Recordings**

1. Here?s That Rainy Day (Jimmy van Heusen) 4?14
From: Joakim Milder: ?Consensus?, CD 9201

2. Teach Me Tonight (M. Gene de Paul) 3?53
From: Knud J?rgensen, ?Teach Me Tonight?, SACD 8421

3. Black Beauty (D. Ellington) 4?38
From ?A Selection from Tomas ?rnberg?s BLUE FIVE & The Swedish Jazz Kings?, SACD 22101 / CD 8003*

4. Where The Green Grass Grows (Excerpt) (Eric Bibb) 3?54
From: Eric Bibb, ?Good Stuff?, SACD 19623

5. Vaquero (Excerpt) (G. Wennerbrandt ? O. Eriksson) 3?53
From: Tiny Island, SACD 19824

6. La Maja de Goya (E. Granados)
Stockholm Guitar Quartet, ?A Selection from...., SACD 22062 / CD 7810* 3?20

7. Nun komm der Heiden Heiland... (Excerpt) (J.S. Bach)
The Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble & Mattias Wager: Organ, SACD19516 3?02

8. Scherzo from Symphony No.2 in D Major (L. van Beethoven) 3?36
From: Stockholm Sinfonietta, CD 19504

9. Overture to Carmen (G. Bizet) 2?16
From: The Omnibus Wind Ensemble, SACD 22082 / CD 19602*