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i purchased a beautiful Technics RS-1500 from Jeff Joesph yesterday. when i picked it up he showed me those panels....very nice job. he held them up to the RS-1500.....they fit perfectly and match exactly. really dresses it up.

if the RS-1500 i purchased was not already so nice cosmetically (or i wasn't also buying an ATR-102) i might have sprung for them myself.

Tape Project Machines / Re: Tape format's / Tape Machines's bandwidth
« on: August 29, 2007, 07:18:25 AM »
as a tape newbie i have been 'google'ing' up a storm attempting to learn about all this 'tape' stuff. it's like an onion; there is always another layer.

i did come across an interesting article regarding bandwidth of particular pro audio tape machines that may be is a link.

it may be old news.....but maybe not.

Steve and Danny,

thanks for the insights. i am trying to figure out both the hardware and software issues here with zero listening experience; i suppose i need to be open-minded as to what level of performance 4-track/7 1/2ips can achieve. i will get a few where i have the vinyl and compare.

as i continue with my research it looks like the best approach might be to get a 'pro-sumer' 4-track machine of some sort for the 4-tracks and not bother with 4-track head assembly for my main machine. if i like the 4-tracks i can always add the 4-track capability later.

it does look like there are plenty of the 4-track/7 1/2ips prerecorded tapes to choose from.

Hello everyone,

I am a tape newbie; sucked in by 'The Tape Project'. I did the charter subscription thing (mid-30's number) and am in the final stages of purchasing a tape recorder. Although i have heard master tapes played at Audio Shows from time to time and have read and heard a few things about tape i am just guessing about what tapes i should focus on.

I have a very good vinyl set-up (Rockport Sirius III with 7000 Lps) so i am not really intersted in tapes that are going to give me less performance than my Lps.

My impression so far is that the cut-off point where prerecorded tapes might equal or better my vinyl is likely the 50's and early 60's 2-track 7 1/2ips 2-track. Will 4-track tapes give me any more performance than my vinyl? i see lots of attractive 4-track tapes on ebay but so far have passed.

the Tape machines i am considering have 1/4" and 1/2" capabilities; but not that something i should worry about?

i am very excited about getting into tape and appreciate any words of wisdom.



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