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I have newly replaced the 2 bearings   on the counter roller since the old bearings were old and sounds a lot. The new bearings (made by SKF) are little stiffer since they are new but now instead I have a problem after the replace where the roller counter is slipping on high speed spool and the digital counter will report slower rate than the actual  rate  .
On the old bearings the counter was correct since the roller was much  freely rotated than the new bearings.

My question here , should it be a rubber band around the roller on the tape track of the roller ?
Or, could it be a worn surface on the tape track on the roller ?

Attached a picture of the counter roller.
Attached also a stock picture of a Studer B67 where a rubber band is around the counter roller
Last pictures show the roller dissassembled from the BTR-5




I have newly purchased a used Otari BTR-5 tried to find a manual for it without any success,   have a question regarding how to thread the tape near the pinch roller.

Attached 2 pictures, need help on which picture shows the correct way to thread the tape around the pinch roller.

Also, some information where I can buy a operational manual for it.




Looking for EPROM dump image  for the internal EPROM in the TC card which works with the old style keyboard TACA-TC, no matter which version 1.XX.
Many thanks in advance!

Reel to Reel Tape Machines / NAB Hubs for the T-Audio
« on: November 20, 2011, 09:02:21 AM »

Was going to bid on T-Audio NAB hubs and a meter bridge on eBay  but it seems that the prices  ended up little too high (?) , 2600 USD for the hubs and 6789 USD for the meter bridge,  I am new to the Nagra T-Audio but is this the price to be paid for these accessories  ?
Is there any special with these items ?
Links to the listings:



Just want to share my experience on repairing a problem in my newly acquired Nagra T-audio with new type keyboard.

The problem was in the shuttle mode, it never worked. After some debugging, I suspected that corrupted data was stored in the backup memory, what I did is that I took away the backup battery and shorted the backup capacitor in order to be sure that no voltage is present. I attached the battery back and the machine got a "cold" hardware restart. After that, everything is working as expected.

If you have problems regarding the control logic, try to perform a cold restart as described above.

Also, thanks for Ki for his support.
Good luck!
Kind regards,

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