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Author Topic: others home-made tapes  (Read 3578 times)

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others home-made tapes
« on: October 23, 2009, 12:38:19 AM »
There is not a catagory for these, but some can be pretty interesting.

I am for instance, right now as I type this, copying some recordings to CD made in the 1960s of steam locomotives. These were made by a couple of uncles of the person I am dubbing them for who have since passed away. One of them actually owned 2 narrow gauge steam locomotives he restored.
The ones I am doing now are from 1968 on 5" reels of .5 mil tape done on a 2 track mono machine at 3 3/4, but are pretty good none the less. The whistle overloads the tape but the rest is very clear. Some of the others indicate on the boxes they may be in stereo at 7 1/2. I will be excited to hear what those are like. At least they were clear about what trains and locations and dates, writing it all down on the boxes.  Sounds from 40 years ago and even then of an archaic device. Tape is magic sometimes!
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