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Title: Heads Reconditioning Service JRF Magnetics
Post by: eugen_syd on May 12, 2010, 06:00:42 PM
Hey People,

I like to inform everyone on this forum that I used JRF Magnetic Science for they head reconditioning service (relap). I sent them 2 blocks of my REVOX B77 4T and my REVOX C270 block head with some 4T heads I purchased on e-bay. Today my blocks arrived and I nearly wet myself opening the box. Even been located in Australia they looked after me. I found their service pretty resonable charge. Every head block came back with its own results test sheet. I hope that just screwing them back in my machine with teh complete block will keep all the optical alignments very close to perfect. I did not installed them yet on my machine but I can report back if are any people interested in my results.
Spoke with John French and Cookie French on couple occasions on the phone and they been extremly friendly. I will not hesitate to send them the remaining 3 head blocks I still want to recondition. A700 and 2 x B77.

From down under