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Title: Bert Kaempfert
Post by: steveidosound on January 21, 2011, 01:26:46 PM
In one of my wanderings into early 60s music, I recently revisited the music of Bert Kaempfert. I picked up copies of the almost identical albums "A Swingin' Safari" on Polydor and the US Decca release "That Happy Feeling". The title cut of the Polydor having found a home as the theme to "The Match Game' on TV.  I have owned the mono 45 release of two of the songs from the album since I was a child.
The album is very well recorded. So much so that I almost put this post in the TP tape suggestion box.
Both the Polydor and  particularly the Decca are very well mastered. Now I am wondering if this might have been issued in R2R by either company. It is old enough it might have even existed as a 2 track.
This album is pretty much all up-tempo dance music in that early 60s big band tradition, but influenced by both early rock and world music. It popularized the so-called "knackbass" playing melody lines on a picked, string muted, Fender electric bass as well as the normal stand-up bass. (See last paragraph)
Title: Re: Bert Kaempfert
Post by: steven1971 on April 18, 2014, 07:16:00 PM
Hello Steve (That is also my name) lol. I know this is an old post, but you caught my attention with the artist you mention. Growing up, that man's music used to play in my house time after time again. My parents used to enjoy it & as a kid I'd laugh at them to no end, kind of the way my daughter does to me now with some of the stuff I listen to. Anyway, I do enjoy Bert Kaempfert's music. I recently bought 10 vinyl albums of his on the US Decca label, all in mint condition. I do own a 4 track reel to reel & I plan to record those onto tape. I wish today there was someone manufacturing new 4 track 7.5 ips tapes as I financially cannot get Tape Project tapes or the machines capable of playing them.
Title: Re: Bert Kaempfert
Post by: steveidosound on April 21, 2014, 09:37:28 PM
"That Happy Feeling" album  is available used on US Decca 7 1/2 ips. 4 track stereo reel to reel.