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Title: Tascam 42B reel to reel
Post by: rbwtapeinterlink-Bob on May 31, 2012, 03:54:43 PM
Hello all,

I was finally able to find a 42B in really good shape from a fellow Audiogoner. I was more than happy not to have to go to Ebay for this deck. The gentleman who is selling me the deck appears to be a real gentleman and selling the deck to me at a good price. At least I am satisfied with what he is charging me. This deck is NAB/IEC compatible and that's good too.

He will be shipping from Florida which is not that far from Georgia so that's a plus. Of course, the way the heavy packages are handled by some of the UPS drivers a delivery across the street could be hazardous for a tape deck. I note there does not seem to be many here with Tascam tape decks other than the Tascam BR-20's. Maybe there was not a large number of Tascam 42 or 52 decks sold or produced. I hope it won't be a problem getting parts if I ever need them.

This gentleman also threw in 5 rolls of RGM 468 which should be OK. He also gave me 5 rolls of Quantegy GP9 which I am not familiar with. Is there any need for concern regarding shedding? Thanks all and appreciate all comments.

bob w.
Title: Re: Tascam 42B reel to reel
Post by: Listens2tubes on June 01, 2012, 05:21:48 PM
The Quategy GP9 should not have any SSS as a rule.
Title: Re: Tascam 42B Not NAB/IEC Switchable
Post by: rbwtapeinterlink-Bob on June 02, 2012, 10:14:24 AM
Good afternoon all,

I made a mistake in my original post. I stated the Tascam 42B was NAB/IEC ready. I just found out that is not the case. The Tascam 42B has to be electronically changed (jumper cable) on the inside of the machine. I am not sure how difficult this will be. My Tascam 32-2B has a NAB/IEC switch on the front that makes is easy to change from one to the other. I just assumed that the 42B being a more robuse and technically advanced tape deck would have the same feature, but I was wrong! Now, i've got to see what level of expertise I must have to get this machine Pre Recorded Tape ready. Right now I can't use this machine with any of the present pre recorded tapes using the NAB setting. How bad is that? Thanks Listens2Tubes for the info regarding the GP9 tapes. That's a relief.

bob w.
Title: Re: Tascam 42B reel to reel
Post by: ironbut on June 02, 2012, 01:25:31 PM
Hi Bob,

That's a bummer!
Well, it probably isn't that much of an issue unless you want to switch between NAB and IEC very often.
Usually changing between the circuits isn't that tough but finding the connections to jump is the issue.
Obviously, finding a service manual should be your first step. You might be able to find one online.
My advice would be to check with the guys over on tapeheads. There are a lot of Teac and Tascam fans over there and doing a search for Tascam 42 should result in plenty of posts.
If you can't find exactly what you need to know, register there and ask. I'm sure that there's a few folks who've done exactly what you wish to do.

Title: Re: Tascam 42B reel to reel
Post by: rbwtapeinterlink-Bob on June 02, 2012, 02:41:35 PM
Hello Steve and  thanks for the response. The guy who is selling me the 42B is also sending me the original owner/user manuals. I should then be able to see what's required to change this baby over. I do note that there is a drop down front panel that exposes many of the equalizer connections and adjustments. On the other hand, If it's too complicated for bobby (me) I have and excellent tech here about one hour away from my house. He has an excellent shop plus test electronics and I believe he can do what's needed.

The seller is an "Audilgoner" and gentleman who noted the machine is in great condition. The photos he sent indicated a very well taken care of 42B. He is sending me 5 pre recorded tapes and a number of blank tapes. Several of them are Quantegy GP9 and Quantegy 456. I there is no sticky shed conditions I need to be concerned about with this early tape and that's good.

ADDENDUM: I just went to: www.preservationsound.com and found some very additional information about the Tascam 40 series tape decks. According to Tascams own words, " the Tascam 42 is a 2 track 1/4 recorder/reproducer that operates at 7-1/2 or 15 ips with NAB or IEC equalization". I hope that tells me setting IEC should not be that difficult, even for me. So, that's very good news and may mean I won't have to deliver my 42B to the tech as soon as it arrives. Once I get the deck and manual in hand i'm hoping get this deck setup for IEC usage.

bob w.
Title: Re: Tascam 42B reel to reel
Post by: steveidosound on June 02, 2012, 11:31:13 PM
By the way, most pre-recorded tapes are NAB. The Tape Project ones are IEC /CCIR.
I found the thread here I was thinking of. Apparently there is a version of the 32 with internal jumpers instead of a switch like yours. Perhaps your 42B is similar. -
 BTW,  If you play a tape with the wrong eq, it will just sound a bit too bright or dull depending .

 Because it is 2 track machine, you can't play the  7 1/2 ips pre-recorded tapes that are "4 track" (1/4 track). You will hear backwards and forwards sound together if you try it. You can play old, pre 1960 or so 2 track commercial pre-recorded tapes that say "for inline heads". They are NAB eq as well. Even  really old mono ones from this  50s era will play, but you will hear the side 1 program in the left channel and the side 2 program backward in the right channel. You would turn the tape  reels over to hear side 2 of a mono tape forwards on the left channel.
Probably too much info. Sorry.
Title: Re: Tascam 42B reel to reel
Post by: rbwtapeinterlink-Bob on June 04, 2012, 06:36:02 PM
Thank you Steveidosound,

You can never provide me with too much information. Early on I had an Otari 5050-ll which I gave to a friend of mine. That machine could play 2 and 4 track tapes of course. My Tascam 42B should be delivered tomorrow (Tuesday). It's a beast of a tape deck and is suppose to be superior to my
Tascam 32-2B. I think it's suppose to be made more substantial and of course it has several features my 32-2B does not have to include a spooling option which I wanted.

The 42B was produced as a NAB machine, I guess, due to the music and recording scene of the 70's and 80's. I still can't imagine why they could not have made that machine switchable as is the 32-2B. I read somewhere that I can still play IEC recorded tapes but if I cut back on the treble a db or 2. That being the case what about the low freq end? What adjustment would have to be made there? Actually, this seems to be too simple a process. If that were the case the Tape Project leaders would not have advised tape machines that has the IEC eq. OH Well!

My first order of business is to take a good look at the condition and cleanliness of the machine. The Audiogoner who sold me the 42B notes that he has an audio system that cost well over $100,000 dollars. So, I hope that means he took great care of the machine he sold me. He will also be sending me receipts showing how he has maintained the deck over time. I do hope that's a good sign. Thanks for all comments and imput.

bob w.