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Title: Reeltronix takeup reel - wow!
Post by: docb on June 24, 2012, 10:08:47 AM
A few weeks ago Patrick Sinegal sent me one of his Reeltronix takeup reels. You may have seen mention of these a few times before around here. The reels are completely machined from scratch - even the hubs - and finished with various anodized colors. The one I received is entirely black, very stealth looking.

Everything about these reels is first class. They come in beautiful packaging, that falls second only to the reel itself. The reel is a work of art, reminding one of the custom car build reality shows where the designer mills a custom set of wheels for one of his projects. The reel has rather narrow spokes which reveal the tape pack extremely well, making it really easy to locate the leader that we put between songs on our samplers, allowing us to quickly cue up a particular song. And yes, a good tape packs perfectly on the reel. The hubs seem to fit just right on my Nagra NAB adapters and spin without eccentricity - a problem that can appear with some plastic hubs as the Nagra adapters seem teeny bit undersize. The flanges are fairly thick and super flat, and on the Nagra's blazing fast wind the thing almost looks like a race car wheel or a prop on a WWII fighter.

I have been meaning to set aside some time for a photo of the reel on my Nagra and I will try to do that this week. In the meantime if you have a real jewel of a deck like an ATR or Studer or Nagra, or one of the UHA or J-corder decks, you definitely need to give one of these take up reel serious consideration -

http://reeltronix.com/ (http://reeltronix.com/)

Oh yeah, the hat is very cool too!
Title: Re: Reeltronix takeup reel - wow!
Post by: Greg Beron on June 29, 2012, 02:33:04 PM
I'm going to agree 100% with Dan on the Reeltronix reels!
They look cool, they spin smooth as a Vegas roulette wheel and pack the tape quite nicely. I didn't realize how wobbly the stock reels are till I had something like this to compare them to. My customers have been buying them and all are extremely happy with them. Personally I like the mat silver and chrome, looks great on a silver deck and it even looks great on an all white deck. However Patrick makes various colors so if you want something special I wouldn't be surprised if he can make it. Your all black reel sounds great too. I think Patrick deserves some credit for taking something like a take up reel to the Ferrari level! He gets my vote for coolest R2R accessory.

Title: Re: Reeltronix takeup reel - wow!
Post by: MylesAstor on August 01, 2012, 08:12:23 AM
Scroll to end.

Title: Re: Reeltronix takeup reel - wow!
Post by: MylesAstor on September 26, 2015, 03:18:28 PM
Return of Reeltronix Reels

Know some of you at one time expressed interest in these reels. It looks like Greg might get Patrick to do at least one more run. This may be your last opportunity to get one or two or more of these reels.

See -#25


Let other friends know because the more that buy in, the lower the price!
Title: Re: Reeltronix takeup reel - wow!
Post by: MylesAstor on October 22, 2016, 06:19:25 PM
Just received some exciting news from Patrick Sinegal of Reeltronix. It appears that his new Reeltronix reels will be available in about four weeks. Patrick expects, if he can get 60 preorders (email at [email protected]), that the “standard” reels will retail for $450. The price of the two-tone black and the nickel plated reels still hasn’t been finalized but he expects they will retail for in the vicinity of $475.00 and $495.00 each, respectively. Patrick new website should also go live mid-November.
Patrick’s also made a few changes to the design of the reel’s hubs as illustrated in the accompanying pictures. The new Reeltronix reels will have a “grooved” rather than smooth hub making threading easier while at the same time not damaging the tape. The logo is being finalized and he shared, “will be very different than the first that was impressive on its own. I'm doing a dome resin logo which I had to go 0.050 inches deep and machining that deep worked perfectly.”

The pictures seem to big to post on TTP but you can see them here: