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Title: Studer A80VU sync output
Post by: argibbo on March 07, 2014, 09:22:02 AM
I have a Studer A80VU, quarter inch half track. I'm keen to use the sync output(s) for overdubbing and trying the ADT/tape phase thing. Sync outputs separately connected to patchbay. Record and replay sockets working fine. No output on Sync. Do I need to be in a certain mode? I have adjusted the sync output level to no effect. Has anyone any ideas? Maybe the sync output is disabled on two channel machines?
Any help much appreciated
Title: Re: Studer A80VU sync output
Post by: sorscha on May 11, 2014, 04:26:16 AM
Hello Andy,

I am new here, just registered as i'm addicted to tape since i was a little boy.
I am an tech engineer who repairs, services and maintains professional equipment and I'm from Holland.
I own two Studer machines, the A80vu and the A80r, both original machines dating from 1970. The VU machine is being used as reproduce machine to play recordings made on my SP8. The VU machine holds a very special sonic 'attitude'.

Set the rotating switch to 'sync', but basically:
The quarter inch format, two-track A80VU, has no sync cards installed. If you'd remove the reproduce adjustment panel for both channels you'll see an empty slot. You can add them but you'll need to find the correct ones, and do some modifications to them to make them 'fit' your record head. Don't expect wonders from punch-in, or overdubs. on a quarter inch heads block, not to say the least. Punch-in / out is 'not meant to be' as machines like these were used as mastering machines where sync is not needed. Sync cards are for the multitrack machines heads blocks, and they have different erase, record, and reproduce heads. Even on multitrack machines punch-in /out is still 'sketchy'

Title: Re: Studer A80VU sync output
Post by: sorscha on May 17, 2014, 08:24:55 AM
I almost forgot:
Next to the sync-cards, you would also need the extra line amplifiers