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Title: Tascam BR20 Maintenence
Post by: roswelltim on May 29, 2014, 02:29:44 PM
I've purchased a Tascam BR20 from someone local to my area, Atlanta. I don't know the age of the machine, but assuming its fairly old, cosmetically it does show its age abit, but seems to record/play back just fine. I did go in & replace the belt & capstan.
But I'm also wondering if any of the electronics need updating? I was thinking in terms of caps etc. Like power supply/motor caps etc. Ones in the signal path? Or even circuit upgrades?

On a cosmetic level, I was thinking of have the metal cabinet powder coated too. Does any one know if the plastic caps, like pinch roller etc can be painted? I checked with Tascam parts, most if not all the cosmetic stuff is unavailable now.