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Title: Any subscribers at CES?
Post by: docb on January 08, 2008, 12:50:30 AM
If any Tape Project subscribers are at CES and you would like to get together we'd love to see you. We have a few demo reels running here and there and you will get chance to hear excerpts from some of the titles we will be shipping in the next few weeks - Robert Cray, Sonny Rollins, Bill Evans, and Exotic Dances from the Opera.

We have machines in the FIM room - 29103 and the TAD room - 34208. In the FIM room we have the beautiful red Jeff Jacobs' painted RS1500 with Bottlehead mods and a Bottlehead repro, and in the TAD room we have set up Larry - one of our ATR 102s used for duplicating. Best bet to contact me is to call Eileen at 360-697-1936 tomorrow and she will give you my super secret cell number.
Title: Re: Any subscribers at CES?
Post by: xcortes on January 08, 2008, 12:21:10 PM
So how're your setups doing? How do people react to tape as a source? Any major differences from last year?
Title: Re: Any subscribers at CES?
Post by: docb on January 08, 2008, 07:40:40 PM
So how're your setups doing? How do people react to tape as a source? Any major differences from last year?

Reaction has been great so far - hearing comments like "Home run". A couple of digital technology VPs from some major labels called it a "real eye opener".  I am realizing I need to get prepared to mod a lot of decks, as many manufacturers are talking to us about demo rigs. I guess the major change is that folks seem to know about us a lot more and of course we are demoing some new selections, from Exotic Dances from the Opera, False Accusations, Saxophone Colossus and Waltz for Debby.

By the way we have also set up a machine in Charter subscriber Joe Kubala's room, 30-327. Sounds really nice, and Joe is a super guy.
Title: Re: Any subscribers at CES?
Post by: ironbut on January 08, 2008, 10:12:13 PM
Great to hear that more folks know about the TP. I'm also happy to hear that you hooked up Joe with a rig. I agree, he's very cool. I felt bad that he wasn't able to hear the demo tape at RMAF. There's a picture of one of the 1500s on the Stereophile blog from day one. I took a look last night at the coverage that G4 TV had on last night, but they focus mainly on 150" LCD and iPhone clones. I'll try again tonight. Any sign of Danny Kaey? I'd like to see what he ended up cooking up. Overall, the online coverage has been pretty sparse so far.
I hope you get a chance to hook up with some of your audio buds and talk with them face to face (lots of the big companies there would prefer that we didn't do this anymore!).
Title: Re: Any subscribers at CES?
Post by: docb on January 09, 2008, 11:40:42 AM
Yes, Danny and I have been running into each other every day. I saw one of the Quinton tapes that Danny brought in Joe's room, and I hope to get a listen. Funny how this show works. Also ran into an old friend, Jim Lee, who now owns Nuts about Hi Fi in Silverdale, WA, ten minutes from Chateau Bottlehead. We will be getting together to set up a demo at his store. Only had to go to Vegas to get together and chat...Also met Gary and Cindy Kerr, new Charter subscribers who own the Audio Gallery in Lake Oswego, OR. They are getting an ATR 102 from monsieur Spitz, that we will load with a Repro, and they will be demoing with TP tapes soon.
Title: Re: Any subscribers at CES?
Post by: ironbut on January 09, 2008, 09:48:02 PM
Here's some pic's from the web so far. I think the last one's probably the one that TdP modded for Dan M. from EAR (sorry Doc). I'm dying to see photos of the ATR 102!
(http://www.mediafire.com/imgbnc.php/76c877e641a62c50fbaa202b831c7d782g.jpg) (http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php?quickkey=7sz3qerlh2p&thumb=4)

(http://www.mediafire.com/imgbnc.php/0d1580a98044963a576a0a0753714e2b2g.jpg) (http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php?quickkey=0cngmtg0xf1&thumb=4)

(http://www.mediafire.com/imgbnc.php/bad38290586ad8e36dc2c4658f069d172g.jpg) (http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php?quickkey=beopxp9oeod&thumb=4)

I hope to god that someone has noticed how nicely the new tube shields on the repo amp matches the TP logo!
Title: CES photos
Post by: ironbut on January 13, 2008, 10:32:49 AM
Here's a link to Danny Kaey's fantastic pictures from CES. Anyone wondering how to frame and compose images of audio gear can learn from these! These show a lot of talent Danny. Thanks for sharing these with the community.

    * http://dannykaey.smugmug.com/gallery/4154481#242508833

Man, Pauls A80 on page 8 sure looks tasty!
Title: Positive Feedback CES reports
Post by: ironbut on January 20, 2008, 01:13:59 AM
Positive Feedback Online and for that matter, the print version (which I still prefer) always does a bang up job showing the gear at the latest show. This year is no exception. They got great pictures of all of the Tape Project gear ( finally one of Paul's ATR102 but man, the Studer sure has a face that likes the camera) and it always looks like those guys (and the long suffering Carol Clark) are having such a great time. But it still bums me out not to see Gizmo in his kilt and headdress.
http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue35/toc35.htm (http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue35/toc35.htm)
Here's some nice 6 Moons coverage. It even includes the TP logo!
http://www.6moons.com/industryfeatures/ces082/michael.html (http://www.6moons.com/industryfeatures/ces082/michael.html)
Hey Mikel, did that blond look as much like Cher in person?
Title: Re: Any subscribers at CES?
Post by: docb on January 23, 2008, 08:15:06 PM
Here's a couple of pics I took with Paul's camera while we were at CES.

First one of our duping ATRs, Larry, in the TAD room. The fader on top of the I/Os is being used as a level control, and the output is being fed into the switchbox full of XLR cables to the left of the ATR. The fader fed the Ayre amps directly through that switcher. Most of the cabling was PranaWire. The other source switched through the box was a very high quality music server. Thanks to Paul Birkeland for pulling together the switcher at zero hour before I hit the road to Vegas!

The R1s were sounding the best I've ever heard them. Truly remarkable speaks.


And this is Paul's Studer A80, normally used for cutting lacquer, in Philip O'Hanlon's On a Higher Note Room at the Mirage. Electronics were Luxman, the cabling Shunyata and the speakers were Vivid, from South Africa. Yup, I think they look like garden gnomes too, but they sounded very good and proved capable of shaking the spotlights out of the ceiling.