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General Discussion / Studer B67 - help!
« on: March 25, 2016, 03:10:19 AM »
Hello All,

I'm new on this forum, so please let me introduce myself first.
My name is Eduard, I'm 37 years old, I'm from Romania and Music and Hi-Fi Audio Gear is my hobby ::)

My first tape recorder was a Revox B77 MKII and now I replaced it with a Studer B67 MKII (7.5IPS/15IPS/30IPS) which I just bought two months ago. I just love this machine .. is much better sonding than Revox B77 MKII!

This Studer seems to be in good working order, so I started to make some normal "optimization" in order to get the best from it:
- I replaced the pitch roller and conter rubber ring with new ones bought from eBay
- I bought a good professional milivoltmere/decibel metter/frequency meter (METRIX)   
- I bought a pocket signal generator from Velleman (which seems to be very accurate on audio frequency band - checked with the METRIX tester described above
- I have an old Tektronix osciloscope (2 x 50 MHz) which is still on normal parameters
- I bought Calibration Tapes from a trusted eBayer from Germany, IEC/CCIR standard - for 7.5 IPS and 15 IPS (for 30 IPS I didn't find a calibration tape yet) 
- I followed all the calibration steps specified in the Studer Manual for B67 MKII and now all the parameters are perfect for Playback and Rec, for IEC/CCIR standard for 7.5 IPS and 15 IPS.

In this moment my Studer a wonderful sounding machine!

But, there is a problem which I could not trace yet and I'm kindly asiking you to help me, based on your experience:

From time to time, an internal BUZZ sound is starting (like a transformer BUZZ), which sometimes is very loud. When this buzz is very loud I can also hear this buzz in the speakers if I pull the volume knob of the amplifier to a higher level (11 o'Clock). Sometimes, If I turn OFF the recorder and I turn it ON again the BUZZ disapears, sometimes not. Sometimes the buzz does not apear at all during 1-2 weeks of almost daily  (1-2-3 hours) operation.

What can couse this BUZZ sound, which sems to come from the transformer?

Thank you in advance!


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