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Prerecorded Tapes / Salvaging Smelly Moldy Pre-Recorded Tapes
« on: September 13, 2007, 06:12:38 AM »
Someone gave me several pre-rerecorded RTR tapes that have been stored badly, smelly and mold.  What to do?  I was told to toss them by she who must be obeyed, but want to try to salvage them.. Left outside in the sun for a couple of days, but that didn't help. Maybe I should put some clorox in a pyrex dish, suspend the tape it and cover with a large carton for a few hours, days, etc. ?  While the fumes might not affect either old acetate or mylar, what about the tape metal particles ?

Any other suggestions ?



Tape Tech / Sound Technology 1500A Questions !!!
« on: September 13, 2007, 05:56:52 AM »
Hey fellow Reel To Reel Tape Machine Users -

Got some questions on the vintage Sound Technology ST-1500A:

This is based upon an 8 slot motherboard, which typically has 6 slots occupied, plus a central power supply. 

As I understand it, some ST-1500A's have 7 slots occupied, the 7th board incorporates a 1/3rd Octave FFT Analysis function which is not documented in Operation Manual 7900-0021B.

And this is called Option 007.

If the above is correct, anyone have any data about Option 007 ?

Any Addendum information on Option 007 and its use ?

If the 1500A has an undocumented toggle switch on the rear panel, what is it for ?



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