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Tape Tech / Maxell UD 35-90
« on: April 07, 2010, 06:38:14 PM »
Dear Forum Members,

Do you know if tapes Maxell UD 35-90 are subject to the "sticky syndrome"?

Is there any tape matching such Maxell tapes, to date?

Thank you.



Dear Forum members

Thanks to a suggestion received from Ironbut, I have written to TEAC asking what the EQ of my machine would be and if there is a difference between X2000-R machines purchased in USA or in Europe.

The response is a real surprise to me! Now I understand the second X2000-R I have recently purchased (and I am still struggling to repair, as the heads assembly is with JRF) has been calibrated to NAB, and in fact my entire collection of old tapes (more than 40) has been recorded with a X2000-R purchased in Europe, calibrated IEC as per TEAC feedback, and I do not own that machine anymore.

The question is now: how this will effect the playback of my old tapes? and there is anything I can do to switch to IEC Equalization?

My heads assembly is ready and still with JRF, and if there is any action to be taken on the heads (I don't think so, however I prefer to ask to you guys) I am still in time for asking John to take kind action.

I hope the only solution won't be to playback the tapes with the ReVoX B77 MKII I have. I am sure tapes recorded with a Teac autoreverse machine will play better when listened with the same machine has recorded them.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to handle this discouraging fact that I may have purchased a machine with a different (wrong for my apes) equalization, and that there is nobody around here in my city that can easily work on it...and successfully!

Thank you!

Best Regards,


Dear forum members,

I have another case for your kind attention.

As said in another thread in this board, I have just bought one Teac X-2000R that, the seller says, has spent all its life in a box, in a storage facility.

In fact this looks possible seeing the original box, wrapping and documentation, the case which is more than mint, just perfect and inside the machine there is no trace of dust and I believe not because somebody has cleaned it.

Unfortunately, there is the other side of the coin, represented by the heads that I have just analyzed; in fact after all the above, heads conditions have disappointed me.

I am trying to attach two (not perfect) pictures I did take few minutes ago after cleaning them using alcohol ethylic 95% (some sources stated that it can be used and does not damage heads). After cleaning, it looks like they can not be further cleaned and oxide or deposits are still there. Picture is showing the two heads on the left, the ones looking in worse status.

I would like to know from you if I have to worry for the conditions of heads or if there is a different treatment that can bring them to their initial perfect shape.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Dear Forum members,

I Trust you are doing great!

I hope you can give some guidance on the above issue.

I have changed the main belt following Big Dave guidelines and using a belt he provided (from Ebay UK).

This X-2000R has been kept in the box for the last 20 years and has no signs of usage at all!

I have put some gun/3-in-1 oil only in the specified places and cleaned the mechanical parts with Alcohol 95% and changed the belt.

Now the deck goes in Play perfectly, but if I try to push Fast Forward or Fast Rewind, the reels move very slowly and with very big difficulty.

Do I have to make any maintenance in the main two motors or in other parts? Can I have some guidance & help to have this great machine again 100% operational?

Thank you very much, I appreciate your assistance!

Best Regards,


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