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Tape Tech / What causes the warbled sound on tape? (reel to reel)
« on: November 29, 2014, 01:12:07 AM »
There is a warbling sound of the vocalists on the tape, sounds like they are under water, or on a bad cell phone connection, wavy sound, I cleaned the head & demagnitized it, could it be the pinch roller?

I got the missing left audio channel to work & record now, no sound difference though on the right & left tone controls, does not static, cleaned the pots, traced the wires to the separate audio boards, didnt notice a common denominator of why both are not working.
Do you know of a model (Sony?) that made a deck with a variable speed control?

No audio on headphones left either, started troubleshooting from the output jack, 2 large capacitors across each jack ohmed ok, no transistors on chassis, any idea what to check?

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