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I bought a STUDER A810 (SN 1291) that was said to only have an issue with recording.
I was looking for a playback machine - so that was ok for me.

Unfortunately the machine shows „:41EE“ on the display - does anyone have an idea
what the means?  (the regular error codes are „EE xx“).

Some things still work, some dont:

Fast Forward and Rewind works, but when the machine is put on PLAY the REC-LED is also on,
and after some 10-15 seconds it stops moving the tape without proper tape handling (no “brakes”,
the tape gets unwinded until the wheels stop completely).
But when switching e.g between Fast Forward and Rewind the tape is handled correctly, the
tape tension is ok.

The channel controls seem to work (at least the LEDs behave correctly), but the Master Panel
reacts strangely. It has three switches for CCIR/NAB, Tape A/B und 7,5/15ips.
Only on two of the three pairs one yellow LED is active, on the third group both LEDs are
dark. Pressing the small knobs (while holding the STOP key) does not do anything.
Only from time to time one LED gets on in the “dark group” - making one of the other groups

What I did try so far was:
- removing all cards, checking them (optically), including the battery on the MP-unit
   and returning them to their slot - to be sure they fit properly, after the machine had been
- I also tried the RESET button on the MP-unit
- checked the cable connections (plug/socket) as far as I did get with opening the machine
No change at all….

Does anyone have experience if the is a hardware issue (broken/old component, bad
connection/cable,…) or a software issue (contents of EPROMs damaged,…).
How can I determine this?

How many cards/compenents can I remove to check who the culprit is? E.g. all the audio

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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