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Author Topic: On sonic improvement of 'wider' tapes .............  (Read 4571 times)

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On sonic improvement of 'wider' tapes .............
« on: September 18, 2011, 08:59:37 AM »
Again, I didn't want to hijack a thread so I started a new one in proper forum.

To address your second question, yes, a 1/2" copy should sound a little better than 1/4" regardless of the width of the original master. The issue is of generational loss, and with all else equal the wider the format you dupe to the higher the fidelity to the original source. That's why we use 1" running masters - more iron particles are imprinted with signal on the wider tracks and S/N ratio is better. In theory a 1" subscription will be even better in terms of retaining the info from the original master than 1/2". If anyone has the budget, the machine and the inclination we could do a subscription in 1".

Question 1;

Other than improved treble, would using 'wider' tapes also have better 'wow and flutter'? since given everything else equal 'wider' tape would have more 'stable' tape movement since 'wider' tape has more 'traction'.

Kinda like skinny tires vs. fat tires.

Question 2;

Would roller bearing guide have more impact (both sonic wise, and the stress on the motors) on wider tapes since fixed guide would create more friction or 'scrapping' on wider tapes?

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