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Author Topic: Flirting-First Impressions  (Read 13650 times)

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Flirting-First Impressions
« on: May 17, 2012, 03:01:24 PM »
Maybe it's the recording perspective or the fact that both are vocal centric, but I haven't "connected" with the performers like this since the Jacqui Naylor tape. The sound is about as good as it gets IMHO and even though I've said this with many of the TP releases, this is on the road to being my favorite so far.

I've heard Kurt Elling live several times (and Peter Erskin the drummer on this release). However, I don't own any of his albums.
I do know that aside from the "living legends" , there is no more respected jazz vocalist on the scene today. When other vocalists refer to him, it's almost in hushed tones.
I've also heard Elling speak a few times too and even in casual settings, these quickly become more like workshops than "tell alls". The depth of this guys knowledge of the history and techniques of his craft seems limitless.

Flirting With Twilight reminds me a lot of my favorite authors.
From the first notes you enter a world created by the arranger (Laurence Hobgood) and the performers. They share their vision of the world with you and take you along for a ride filled with those things which can only be hinted at or described in roundabout ways. Every inflection and attack lends itself to fleshing out this reality and your only choice is to let yourself be swept away. It's very atmospheric.
Sometimes the arrangements remind me a little of classic Ella records while others have a more current tone. They are all wonderful and make it difficult to remember how other versions you're familiar with sound like.
And just like great books, this release leaves you wanting more.
After listening to "Flirting,..", I'd be just fine if you decided to make a couple more Elling Tape Project releases!

Needless to say, great choice and exemplary work you guys!
steve koto
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Re: Flirting-First Impressions
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2012, 02:48:30 AM »
Good morning Steve,

You've been so helpful to most of us on this forum I hope I can return the favor a little. Please get Kurt Ellings "The Gate" and listen to him sing BLUE IN GREEN. It will nearly blow-your-mind. I was still living in Maryland just before relocating to Georgia when I heard this song on XM radio. I had to pull over off the road I was so impacted by the recording. I immediately purchased it. I then went on to buy "Man In The Air". Listen to him sing John Coltrane's "Resolution" from A Love Supreme. WOW! Of course every song on these albums are well chosen and sung superbly.

Another master craftsman and sleeper to many with one of the most beautiful and rich baritone voices is Mr. Andy Bey. If you have an opportunity, please listen to his album, "Shades Of Bey" and then listen to him sing "Midnite Blue". This man is talking about his feelings and I got every emotion. Again, WOW! Thanks sir for all the help you've been to me along with so many others. What a forum this is. WOW!

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Re: Flirting-First Impressions
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2012, 08:48:13 PM »
I finally got a chance to listen to the Kurt Elling tape. Been too busy ripping my vinyl collection these past couple of months. As a non jazz person, I never had heard of Elling - I figured he was some singer from the 50's that our gurus found. I didn't realize he was born the year I graduated from college!  Anyway, Elling sounds a lot like a cross between the only male jazz singers that I have in my record collection - Frank Sinatra and Johnny Hartman. (I had never heard of Hartman until someone gave me the Coltrane Hartman album.) Elling enunciates so clearly, with a naturally beautiful voice - and great expression on every word. Nice slow tempi. Interesting that the third cuts on the Elling and Jacqui Naylor albums are of the same song - 'You Don't Know What Love Is.'  Different feel to the tempo of the song.

Great sonics as usual. - Very close to having him in my music room.

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Re: Flirting-First Impressions
« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2012, 09:00:33 AM »
i got my 1/2" copy of this a month or so ago; but my 1/2" Studer has been down for motor rebuilds. last night, with a little coaching from Fred Thal, i switched out my 1/4" headblock and bearings and guides on my 1/4" A-820 with the 1/2" heads, bearings and guides (it took about 10 minutes and was embarassingly easy) and listened to 'Flirting With Twilight'.

i agree with all the other comments.

in 1/2" this title is really warm and rich sounding. big and bold. very intimate and involving. i do not have the 1/4' for comparison. i was not familiar with Kurt Elling and did enjoy the music. great sonics!

good job guys.

this 1/2" tape has me anxious for the next title in 1/2". this was the first 1/2" tape i've played with my new amps and new speakers and it does set a new reference for me.
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